Thank you so much, to the citizens of Clawson who took the time to vote for me for City Council. Your trust in me will only motivate me to fulfil my duties as City Councilor to keep Clawson the amazing city that it is. I appreciate the overwhelming support from my family, friends, voters, and everyone who helped along the way. I will not let this city down!

Paula Millan
City Council
Vote November 7, 2017
Why  Vote for Paula?
I have a passion for local government. I have the experience, education and knowledge to effectively serve as a City Council member.

I believe we must encourage a family and business friendly city, while maintaining our standards; protecting the "Gems" of our city, while building on our future.

I will represent the values and traditions that have been woven into Clawson for decades.  

I will proudly represent you. 
Who Am I - What Are My Values?
My most important role is that of wife to David and mother to Alyssa and Nick. 

We have lived in Clawson for 5 years.  Alyssa attended Clawson Middle School and Graduated from the International Academy.  She currently attends Miami University in Oxford, OH.  Nicholas is a Senior at Clawson High School where he is a member of the Football and Baseball teams. 

Our family enjoys riding our bikes through town, cheering on Nick and the Clawson Football and Baseball teams, visiting Alyssa at school,  getting dinner or a snack at local restaurants and shopping at our local stores.  

We worship and serve at Woodside Bible Church in Troy.   

We are proud of our faith, our family and our community. 

Why Did We Choose Clawson?​
Absolutely, the PEOPLE! 

We came to Clawson as a “School of Choice” family.  The teachers, coaches, children and  families who welcomed us to the Clawson community, even before we invested in a home here, are the reason we are here today. 

We chose to invest and grow our family here.

There is a sense of pride & community that is evidenced in what Clawson residents convey to “outsiders”; but most importantly, there is a commitment that is demonstrated in the way the people of Clawson support one another.     

How Will My Experience and Education Serve Clawson?
I have worked for a city government, and have served on the  Clawson Planning Commission. This gives me a unique perspective to join the City Council with real life, practical experience.

     ·      BA in Political Science - OU.

     ·      Masters degree in Public Administration - EMU. 

     ·      5 years in the city of Pontiac’s Mayor’s office, serving as a liaison between the Executive Office,
            Citizens and Department heads; as well as maintaining various marketing and public relations

     ·      Employed with Gala & Associates Inc., Architectural Engineering firm, as  a Special Projects                   Manager, since 1994.   

     ·      Clawson Planning Commission—4 years.  During this time, I  became familiar with many of the
            cities policies & procedures; viewed the commitment of our city administration and have seen
            many diverse business entities show an interest in investing in Clawson.    
      ·     I have served as a Youth Leader,  Sunday School Teacher, and Board Member of my local church
            from my teenage years.

What You Can Expect From Me?

I will use my experience and education to help guide Clawson into the future; creating an identity that is uniquely Clawson, while maintaining the traditions and values that have made this city  a desirable place to live, work and own a business. 
  • I will work to ensure the “Gem’s” of our city are protected, while allowing for future growth  and development. 

  • I will work with the City Council, Clawson Administration and local businesses to encourage development and policies that will grow our city, but not at the expense of the homeowners. 
  • I will encourage increased communication and accountability between all parties involved in our local government.

  • I will fight for fiscal accountability and to maintain our city services.
Boris nisi ut
Thank you for taking the time to view my Website.

If you have any comments or concerns you would like to discuss regarding Clawson or the election, please feel free to contact me. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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